Tuesday, 24 March 2009

So in love all the time

How to Stop Being Clingy

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Clinginess sends a message to your boyfriend or girlfriend that you can't live without them and that they are the center of your universe. This gives them total power over the relationship and over you. Not to mention, being clingy comes off as being needy and is a real turn off. There are ways to stop yourself from being clingy in a relationship.


I came across to this article today while i'm doing some research and i think it's dumb !
This is just another crap that some people just need to write to occupied them from something...trying to act and sound all smart ~
I never think that needing someone or think that she/he is the center of my universe would mean that i'm clingy and somehow"sick"

This advertisement clearly telling you ppl out there that you're sick just because you are totally in love.

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