Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Supersize me

Do you think wearing it all together will be a great idea 0_0

Love the studs .. and it's actually wearable and comfy

The new addition ^^

My new oversize flower headband ^^
(sell it for a reasonable price^^)

Not just some cheesy action movie~ This one really got my attention (despite the outrageously weird language.... that keep my eye glued to the tv set) but the story line is great ^^

As you can see from the cheesy line "terrortory"
The film wasn't any better ... so don't watch. (unless you're totaly bored out of your mind ^^)

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Guts to Cut

I still wish i could sleep with a fertilizer on my hair ~
I can cut it today and it grows back out in 2 days. What a thought huh ^.-

A new Yoghurt delight in town ^^

The table



Price are cheaper than Sour Sally. Taste better too ^^
So you should make a stop there and give it a try....oohh yeah.. they have "MORE" toppings too. So get trippin' =9

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

So in love all the time

How to Stop Being Clingy

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Clinginess sends a message to your boyfriend or girlfriend that you can't live without them and that they are the center of your universe. This gives them total power over the relationship and over you. Not to mention, being clingy comes off as being needy and is a real turn off. There are ways to stop yourself from being clingy in a relationship.


I came across to this article today while i'm doing some research and i think it's dumb !
This is just another crap that some people just need to write to occupied them from something...trying to act and sound all smart ~
I never think that needing someone or think that she/he is the center of my universe would mean that i'm clingy and somehow"sick"

This advertisement clearly telling you ppl out there that you're sick just because you are totally in love.

Saturday, 21 March 2009


The FOOD :

TortillasBeef Paella



The movie was about 4 strangers in a house and they have to give one dead body before the sunrise in order to survive.
Pretty good... but i wasn't too excited after i watched it.

The Spanish verse of "Quarantine" and must i say the american was better than this one. I can hardly see how they look like.
Good story but more effects would help ^^

Some scary ass shit from Thailand! This movie gives the chill and the scare that you need. Worth seeing .
make sure you cover your eyes in some scenes....'cuz i can't sleep yest-.-"

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I stick to cables

I stick to cable show these couple of days and found some good movies to be recommended:

Great movie. Nice ending. If you like "Big fish" then certainly you'll love this one ^^

Then back in 2007 we have "YEAR OF THE DOG" that i never get the chance to watch. It was great and Molly Shannon performance are as usual stunning. She played the geeky role for too long she getting GREAT at it ^^ (better than superstar)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St. Patrick's day ^^

It's time to loosen up and eat those sinful things ^^
enjoy your cupcake and a glass of Spirulina beer !!!! cheers ~

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

U might not recognize this guy. Well..
He's Adam Lambert from American Idol. He's rocking "black&white by MJ today... Lovin' it
I was watching the telecast just to watch him again and i think he should just quit and start recording^^

I was bored enough to mess with my DVD rack and found some old horror&thriller movies. Stumbled on this one:

Never get the chance to even read what this movie was all about. It was pretty good.. could be better but good ^^

Dogs can read ~

Not really ~ ^^"
But they do attracted to pictures. Like what you see in above..my dogs always curious on what he's looking at. Whenever he read his books "Elmo" always hop in and take a peek ^^

Monday, 9 March 2009

Movie night

It's not as bad as i thought it will be. The story itself was great...but they gotta do something for the monolouge.... depsite the fact that i couldn't get what this guy tryin' to say :
So yeah was good and annoyed at the same time. This is a 2009 "tales of the crypt" wannabe.

HEAVY rain & 7 pounds

It's awfully cold and humid TODAY !
The heaviest rain ever in a month which kinda happened in a very ridiculous time ^^
I was taking a day off ...hopefully to get to see some friends and hangout -.-" but i couldn't

So went to a movie and watch 7 POUNDS. It is better than i expected it to be...

The first 20 minutes it was OK.. then the story started to get blurry and complicated and i was yawning all through^^"
but the last 30 minutes of the movie was GREAT!!!! I was so touched by this... and was thinking in a very different way now.
I mean i didn't have to kill myself.... I'll still be able to do what he did in time.

The great Dane that i absolutely love ~
Ridiculously SEXY =.=

Thursday, 5 March 2009

How to Timtam Slam ^_^

1. Grab one timtam and bite 'em on both ends
(not too much ..but not too little)

2. Make yourself a hot chocolate drink
(preferably this one ^^)
You're ready to do the timtam slam ^___^
Just put the tim tam on your mouth and use it like a straw!
Suck the hot chcocolate 'till you feel liquid is on the end of your inner tounge then ..put the rest of the TIMTAM in you mouth !!!!


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A sweet gift !

i love this jellybeans!!!!!!!!!!
Thx hun `

Get sleeky !

They have lotsa varieties on dog snacks nowadays (and i mean ALOT!!!)

Baby Mojo

I should have a farm full of dogs!! ^^
name: mojo
He's a shihtzu ... a special one that makes my heart melts ~