Monday, 9 March 2009

HEAVY rain & 7 pounds

It's awfully cold and humid TODAY !
The heaviest rain ever in a month which kinda happened in a very ridiculous time ^^
I was taking a day off ...hopefully to get to see some friends and hangout -.-" but i couldn't

So went to a movie and watch 7 POUNDS. It is better than i expected it to be...

The first 20 minutes it was OK.. then the story started to get blurry and complicated and i was yawning all through^^"
but the last 30 minutes of the movie was GREAT!!!! I was so touched by this... and was thinking in a very different way now.
I mean i didn't have to kill myself.... I'll still be able to do what he did in time.

The great Dane that i absolutely love ~
Ridiculously SEXY =.=

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