Thursday, 28 May 2009

ala Katie

After a long 6yrs i finally cut my long locks~
I was so scared but i needed a change ... turns out i love it ^_^
(photos comin' up)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

American idol season 8 winner


I mean you can see it clearly when they announce the winner! The look of Kris Allen as if all of these were set up and it was no surprises ~
I know that Kris needs it more to make to the big time!
But how much more mistakes can you make by not crowning the right person?!?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

One lazy evening ~
Mango yoghurt with mochi and marshmallow from Yoghurt inc.

A nice hot cappuccino and white coffee ^^ before our movie ~

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Trip

(Bogor Botanical Garden)

We went to Bogor for a quick getaway and it was superb. Wasn't the busiest or most happening town in Indonesia. But it still INTERESTING ~
Many new and untouched places like the botanical garden they have there which was SUPERB and all the food that they have.
I suggest this place for people that seek for adventure. It's a quite small town but worth staying ^^ (specialy for the "designer bags" lovers ^^)

These are just a snippets of what i saw there. It's a bag paradise ^^ ... and the prices are ridiculous for such a quality ^_^ " so go crazy on this place ~

(Roti Unyil)

I love this little itty bitty bread~ ^^
There are more things to try there. this place is packed with food ^^

(Pondok 58)

Look at the size of the coconut!!! We can't even finish 'em. It was huge and ridiculously CHEAP (IDR 12) and the food are good. Quite place but worth trying ^^

(Sari Wangi)

Full packed with food and people. Located in the city! Very nice place with a breath taking view on the back. Very good food. I actually miss 'em right now ~

So visit Bogor for a quick and quite getaway ^^