Saturday, 28 February 2009

I see RED ^^
loving the new contacts ^^
Went to see this movie just because i love Liv so muchh ! But when i read the "Inspired by True Events"...
I was waiting anxiously !!
There is something disturbing and stupid about this movie !
and STUPID folks in mas that keeps disappearing like a ghost .. it's almost impossible for anyone to move that fast without making any sound -.-

And yeah !! ilove the dress she was wearing in the movie !! ^_^

Elvis & Elmo

It's great to have dogs that gets along really well !!

Friday, 20 February 2009

ELVIS love to sleep ^^"

My new baby ELVIS ^^

Name: Elvis
DOB: Dec 12th 2008
Cute as a button ~

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Choco Louver frm "The Muffin House"
Chocolate lovers should try this one!!! (highly recommended)
Apparently food that looks like turd always taste good ^. -

Last valentines

The Hotpot valentine's night ^^ love love love ~

This is the reason why i love him so much... he gives extra ^.-

So i gave him his favourites ^^

Lazy days ~

He sleeps and snore like a baby ^^

welcoming a new baby

Welcoming a new baby (he's only 6 weeks+).
Still thinking of a cool name.. so far i'm thinking of elvis or ozzie.
So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated ^^

Friday, 13 February 2009

My soul perspires and my voice gets higher each time I try to speak

I heart Chris Cendana !!
this song is for you baby !

I heart doraemon

cute oversize bags for less ~

Kamiseta New skirt

Yogen Fruz

My all time fave

melon + raspberry

I love them when they're blend

I know this looks like a turd but it really taste great
(blueberry + melon)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

You are that somebody

2 of my favorite things in one ~ How cool !

Today i come to realize that you can't always have everything you want !
I know how dramatic that would sound. But it's kinda true and i'm very happy to have found out that what i got now is everything i need to get by ^^
So i won't make anymore mistake! (and not saying this 'cuz Valentine's is almost here either)

I love you Huney !

Monday, 9 February 2009


You probably spend a significant amount of time on the internet.
and if you spent a significant amount of time on the internet then you'll probably have a facebook profile.
You're connecting and re-connecting with people... adding friends...seeing everyone's pictures..making comments and wishing everyone happy birthday~ (when pre-facebook you wouldn't even remember when anyone's bday is) -.-"

Now here is something that we completely indulge in ... simply because we can ~
you began telling people and give out information that is not always necessary!!
Can you imagine that pre-facebook you wouldn't even dreamed about notifying all your friends on such details~ ^^"

But when you firt started on facebook were you like me?
did you go on a flurry of all these comments not knowing that facebook's defaults settings are set to full on stalker mode?!
S0 comments on you board..your wall.. your photos..your videos...your discussions board are for ALL EYES TO SEE??!

Yes thats's right i mean i relaize that facebook is all about letting people know what u're up to.. but now i began to think that it's way too much !
Even the operators are giving out too much informations on every detail that you do..
who you're friends with.. what comments you make to whoever ..
NO ONES REALY CARE! >.< style="font-size:130%;"> I LOVE FACEBOOK... but just gotta control it !! ^^"

So lesson learn that i've actualy paid attention to the PRIVACY / STALKER SETTINGS on facebook... so hopefuly my friends wouldn't be annoyed to every little comments that i made to any other friends that they probably dun even knew ~

Sunday, 8 February 2009

random food suggestions!

Cab Sal Ddok Ice (YUMM)
Home made cupcake ^. -

Mame Sushi ! nice robatayaki and ramen

Someone that i love so dear and always close ^.-

Mopy! he looks like a mop and smells like one ^.-

Reccomended for your dogs!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Social House

Al the tempting food and drinks inside
Grandma's homemade ice lemon tea
(they put tea with lemon sherbets) ^_^

Free day for us !! YAY ~

my soulmate

I'm so HAPPY to finally meet them! It's been a while and it's really nice to hangout and relax ^^