Thursday, 8 January 2009

I hate being FAT ~

Being fat is depression.

Sounds familiar to some of you girls?
'Cuz it does sound too damn familiar to me.

But let's not make a big deal out of this.

You should eat healthy and kick the gym once in a while !

I love to eat and i hate to exercise... but i kinda have to. I love clothes and i love it when i can wear them right. i dun have to be a size 2.. but atleast i wanna be able to come to a normal store and get my size.

As much as i hate to say this .
But i think some of the ppl i know just took an advantage of being fat and sad.
I bet you always have a friend who keep complaining that their thighs are too big .. their waist are inches way to wide.. and bla bla yada yada~

So tell them to eat right and hit the gym !

Take diet pills if they have to.... just dun go too wild on them ! cut back the carbs.
drink laxative..
Do anything possible to lose them.
I can say this cuz i've been battling withmy weight for quite long~

So dun hate yourself and stop making fun of yourself or even ask people to pity on you ! cuz that's not attractive at all `
BE healthy and eat wisely!!!!!!!

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Bettie said...

Familiar, girl! I used to be fat two years ago but with the right diet and exercise - I made it through the rain. :) Honestly, I didn't take any pills, Jangma. Just water.

Bettie Comerford