Wednesday, 7 January 2009

How do you know who your friend is ?

It's a classic question that ppl's been asking these days.

Not too long ago i have this stupid incident with someone that claim that he/she is my best friend.
Thing is i already know what kinda person he/she is and i'm just trying to be nice be talking ti him/ her. Help her occasionally.

But hey .. it's expected for him/ her to do me harm. So i just stay away in hope that i never heard from that person anymore..since i'm too busy with my wonderful life ~
(this happened back in 2008)

And now i still heard alot from him/her through my friends.
*FYI : u never talk bad about someone to their friends -.-"*
This is too chick flick and too immature for me to respond so...
i try to be the mature one and chose to ignore him/her completely until he/she text me and came to my plc...

I swear i'm about to burst!
But then again i know what's the consequences ..and i'm not going to trouble myself.
Turns out that it's a big relieve ~

*NOTE: he/she didn't have friends anymore and he/she still talks about me*
Talking abt not having a life huh ?! haha~

So i found these whole thing to be hilarious in the end ^^
And i'm so happy that i didn't even do anything this time =]


To have a friend like you want is to be a friend like that. Usually you know that any person is a true friend is when you yourself are a true friend.

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