Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Animal lover ~
i watched this snippets today ..i just couldn't figure how to paste it here since everything just won't work ! and i know nothing of those "bleep"

Anyway it was this circus show down at Mexico. Somehow they have to starve the why would you do something like that !
this man was approaching the cage and try to be a smart ass he is ...he just keep waving at the lion with his right hand!
Ofcourse the lion's gonna bit on it ... it;s not like he have a choice !

So the man struggle to run while his hand was dangling in the lion's mouth. His friends showed up..and being the men that they were..they shot the lion . You should see it ! i can't even begin tell you how pathetic they were !!!

This beast on top is my darling puppy ! i love him to death and want nothing bad to ever happened to him ~

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